Kaleed Rasheed

Mississauga East-Cooksville

A Record of Working For You

Kaleed Rasheed is the PC Candidate for Mississauga-East Cooksville. Kaleed is a long-time community advocate, he is very passionate and involved with local organizations and causes. Kaleed brings a technological background into his work and he hopes to cement policies that will protect Ontarians online.

Kaleed's Story
Kaleed Rasheed

Kaleed Rasheed and Doug Ford will stand up for families in Mississauga East-Cooksville

Only Doug Ford and Kaleed Rasheed Will Get It Done

Other parties spend all their time complaining or looking to take us back to the past. Only Doug Ford and the Ontario PCs can get it done for you and your family. The Ontario PCs are the only party with a real plan: Rebuilding Ontario’s economy with new good, well-paying manufacturing jobs, more support for local […]

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